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Sacred Spirit Journeys Invites you to experience

Connecting With the Energy of the High Andes
April 9-10,2005

Facilitated by: Valerie Niestrath, Eugene, Oregon
For the Preservation of Indigenous Wisdom.
As written about in "Initiation, A Woman's Journey into the Nature Mysticism of Peru"
E. Jenkins & "Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge" Joan Parisi Wilcox

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Explore the ancient teachings of the Inka and experience first hand the Kausay Pacha, the world of 'living energies.' During this workshop you will be presented an overview of the Andean Tradition and Inka Prophecies. Learn practical tools for freeing "heavy"energy from the body and how to transform energies that may lead to illness, depression and conflict to create health and well-being. Learn exercises to increase, develop and enhance personal power. This is a hands-on seminar where you will be outside both days activating your body's energy belts (or eyes of energy called 'nawis') using the natural elements of sun, wind, water and earth.

You will learn ancient rituals and blessings performed by the Inkas centuries ago. You will learn the Inka prophecies foretelling a major change (pachacuti) now taking place on the planet through the year 2012. In many beautiful and moving interactive exercises and rituals participants will experience their personal energy field and that of the group. They will begin to "see" and "feel" the dynamics of energy in relationships and ways to trigger the expansion of individual and group growth. Initiates are also taught to harmonize the poq'po, or human energy field, with the five elements and the forces of nature, leading to a high state of personal energy, happiness, and connection to life.

Valerie will teach the basic spiritual tools of the Andean tradition, including the healing techniques of eating and digesting heavy energy, how to harmonize diverse energy bubbles, cleansing and refueling your personal energy bubble. She reveals the Inka prophecies for the new millenium, considered to be a 'critical period' in the evolution of collective consciousness, and gives an in-depth discussion on the implication of these prophecies for our daily lives.

You will go home with spiritual tools you can start using right away! Awakening the "Puma" in the Andean tradition is awakening to our relationship with the world of material things —to explore the quality of how we live, work, play and what we create during our lifetime.

Valerie Niestrath was a student of Juan Nunez del Prado and Don Americo Yabar who were both trained by don Benito Quorihuaman of the Q'ero tribe in the Andes. In addition to learning the left (magical) side of the Andean path with Don Americo, Valerie has also mastered the right (mystical) side with Juan Nunez del Prado. She is a Kuraq Akulleq initiated as a 4th level paq'o in 1999. She is also initiated as a Chunpi Paq'o, opening energy belts with her centuries-old chunpi stones. Her ability to travel both sides of the path make her an excellent teacher of this wisdom tradition.

Dates and Times:
April 9-10, 2005 Saturday-Sunday, 8:30am-5pm

A limited number of scholarships will be available for this program. Please email Lynn@SacredSpiritJourneys.com for more information

Cost: $295. A $100. deposit holds your space
Call (703) 847-6635

Where: Lake Caroline, Ladysmith, VA
1 hour south of Washington, DC
(location details confirmed upon deposit receipt)

Make checks payable to: Valerie Niestrath

Mail to: Lynn Chambers c/o Sacred Spirit Journeys 1800 Old Meadow Rd.#1410 McLean, VA 22102

A portion of the proceeds go to the Wiraqocha Foundation, a non-profit organization donating money to projects bringing water, education and medicine to Q'ero villages



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