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Interview with Rev. Chambers
Reverend Chambers is the founder of Sacred Spirit Journeys. As a guide to the realm of spirit, Rev. Chambers can provide insights into the process of self realization that comes from personal exploration through Shamanic Journeys.

In this interview, Rev. Chambers discusses her background in this work.

Healing pipe ceremony. The smoke propels your intentions to the heavens.

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I n t e r v i e w

Reverend Chambers, I have heard the term “Journeying” in relation to Shamanic work. Could you explain this please?
When there is a question or situation in one’s life that needs clarification, there is a process called a “Journey” in which the Shaman obtains information and insights. As a Shaman, I state the intention for the Journey, and enter an altered state created by rhythmic drumming. With the help of my spiritual guides or teachers, I am given visualizations that I bring back to the client for interpretation and processing.


What is a “Soul Retrieval” and when would this be performed?
A Soul Retrieval is performed if the client has experienced a “splintering of the soul” through shock, trauma, abuse, rape, divorce, death, an auto accident, or other life-changing events. In Shaman’s terms, we believe that through this trauma, actual soul parts have been lost and that until they are reclaimed, one is not able to function effectively.

In the image on your web site, you are surrounded by animals—an owl, a buffalo, an eagle, a leopard, and a pipe.
What do these represent?
The animals in the artwork are some of the power animals that I work with when I Journey and do Soul Retrievals. They are quite sacred in healing work. The pipe is a representation of the Native American pipe that was given to me when I first started my work. I use the pipe in ceremonies as well as in individual healings when I am led to do so.

As a Shaman, do you see visions or symbols when you are in trance? Do you speak with spirits?
When I Journey I go into an altered state and meet with my power animals. I state my intention for the Journey, and ask for their assistance in gathering the information that is needed. Many times they assist me through visualizations….other times they speak directly to me.

Your work embodies Native American influences. Does it also include Celtic practices and spiritual practices from other belief systems as well?
My primary focus is on Native and South American (Andean) Shamanic Healing practices. I also encompass traditions from Celtic and Egyptian studies as part of my Priestess path. In that capacity, I work with the elements (earth, air, fire, water), in order to bring about more balance between the masculine and feminine energies on the planet.

What experiences led you to the life you live now as a Shaman.
Growing up, I attended a Southern Baptist Church, but I never felt connection to their dogma. It never resonated in either my mind or heart as truth. So, in my quest for a more meaningful spiritual experience, I explored alternate paths and spiritual practices. My exploration began many years ago when I had a powerful vision of ascending on the wings of an eagle, and being flown very high up to another plane. There I saw a very beautiful Native American woman dressed in white buckskin. It was not long after this that I attended a conference that promoted various avenues of studies, and attended my first Andean Shamanic Session. It was a very powerful experience and intuitively I knew this was the right path. I studied with this teacher for a year, and then felt called to work with the Native American ways. It was during this course of studies that I was gifted a pipe by a Native American woman, and was instructed in its use. My studies went forward from there…each level nourishing the next!

What is a Sacred Spirit Journey?
Sacred Spirit Journeys are the soul-enriching experiences that we discover every time we journey into ourselves. Journeying is a beautiful, rich process, which connects you with Creator every time you enter this altered state of being. The answers that come through for each of us are sacred, because it is this divine truth that we hold in each of our bodies.

Can a person participate in this type of work from any location, including over the phone?
Journeying can be done alone once the process is learned. I first work with clients creating a sacred space to help them with processing the information. Once explained, they can continue working in that sacred space or where ever they are connected to spirit.

What sort of healings have your clients experienced?
I have worked with clients on many different levels. I conduct Power Animal Retrievals where I have intuitively connected with the symbolic animals reclaiming a client’s personal power. These animals continue to work with them on many different levels and many different issues. I see the most dramatic shifts occur when I perform Soul Retrievals for clients. Eyes actually change after the completion of the soul retrieval...the light is actually restored back into their eyes!

I also do a lot of work with the Mesa in the Andean tradition. The Mesa actually helps open and cleanse the chakra system...helping any fears to be released through the Mesa, and they are then returned back into the earth to be transformed in to positive light energy.
I also use my pipe for healing when I am led to do so, which is performed with the spiritual presence of White Buffalo Calf Woman, one of my spirit guides.

Do you officiate at marriage ceremonies?
Yes, I do. The marriages are quite special, as they encompasses Native Ceremonies.

Are there other types of ceremonies/circles that you perform for groups or privately?

Yes, I conduct drumming circles, as well as sacred Pipe Ceremonies. I also perform house clearings (to clear any negative or heavy energies that may exist in the home), as well as house blessings (which are good to do when you first move into a new home.) Structures hold negative energies the same way that people do, so this energy must be transformed for a healthy, balanced living environment.

I am also available to create other special ceremonies based on an individual’s desires or needs.

How do you determine the best healing technique for someone?
When I meet with a clients, I ask them about what is going on in their lives. Then, intuitively I ask what that person needs. Many times it will be a combination of several things that I am led to do for them.

What is your favorite aspect of this type of work?
Being able to see the healing shift which occurs within the person. It is not always immediate, but when they leave the session, it is usually quite visible that something has started to heal within them. A person must WANT to be healed, for the healing to occur. If they don’t want the healing, their body will reject it...this is true for healing on all levels.

How do I schedule a session?
To schedule a session, you can either send me an email or call me so we connect on a personal level and discuss your specific needs

What are some ways to find and keep centered?
When I work with someone, I give them information on how to stay grounded, rooted and protected each and every day; and, when they are stressed, how to find calmness and peace in the center of the storm.

It often takes different tools to find your power and to keep centered in it. We need to meditate daily so that we can achieve and retain peace. The world is swirling at such an accelerated pace, that it is difficult just to maintain ourselves…without breaking apart. Much of my work centers around settling this energy.

I step forward at this time to assist, to calm, to awaken, and to help reclaim personal power. I embrace this work with clarity of vision and with the strength which channels through me from Creator. AHO!

To speak with Rev. Chambers directly, call
703 . 847 . 6635

or, email: lynn@sacredspiritjourneys.com


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